Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Laying My Edges

I have watched a ton of tutorials since starting my natural hair journey last year and in every video, all the vloggers lay their edges and parts down with hair gel. I have never done this (nor did my mom when I was little) so I always ignored that part. But I must admit it does make the hairstyles look neat.

So I thought I would try it this week for the first time EVER.

The following is NOT a tutorial -let's be clear about that. These are my takeaways from trying (operative word) to slick those hairs down.

1. Don't Throw Your Toothbrush Away - So apparently this is the most commonly accepted tool in the edge control game aside from a stiff bristled brush.

I have to say part of the reason that it took me so long to try this is because I kept forgetting to save my toothbrush. By the time I would remember to save it, the toothbrush would be already on its way to the landfill.

I've finally remembered to clean and set aside my old toothbrush for this purpose, and I have to say it is a extremely helpful tool. Especially when you are trying to create a side part while your hair is done up in a twist out. I found using a brush caused a ton of frizz. The toothbrush is small enough to  apply the gel without disrupting too many of the curls.

Also it is much gentler on your face when you are working on those baby hairs.

Ummm, no.
2. Get Your Hands Dirty - After daintily trying to brush gel on my hair, I realized if I'm going to really slick these hairs down, then I got to slap on the product. I definitely started to see some results after sticking my hands in the gel.

3. If Your Baby Hair Hangs Pass Your Ear, It's Not Baby Hair - So I tried slicking down my "baby hairs" like in the tutorials but there were a few times where I was unsure what those hairs look like. (Maybe I don't have any.) So initially I gelled a chunky lock of hair to the side of my face. Not Cute.

After messing with them for a while, I finally achieved a look I was happy with.

4. Bobbie Pins Are Your Friends - Getting my part to lay just right has always been a struggle. So I used a ton of pins to hold the part in place while the gel began setting.
You never can have too many pins.

It worked! Look at that big beautiful part!
5. Keep Some Make-up Wipes Handy To Wipe the Excess Gel Off Your Face - I got a lot of it on the side of my face.

So in the end I did achieve some kind of edge control.


Unfortunately those slicked edges did not last through out the day. Also I thought my hair looked good without the slicked edges. So I'm not sure if I will try this again. But if I do it again, I think I will try a different gel like Jam.

What do you do to keep your hair looking nice and neat? What advice do you have about edge control? Please share in the comment section.

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