Saturday, March 12, 2016

Spring Cleaning My Closet



The weather’s getting warmer. It’s time to put the heavy sweaters and coats away and bring out the lighter clothes.

Changing season is the perfect time to declutter and reorganize your closet.

Here are just some of the unused clothes and items
I donated to organize my closet.
As you can see from my before pictures, my wardrobe were a mess. There was no rhyme or reason to how I hung my shirts, dresses and pants.  Additionally there were a lot forgotten clothes – items that had been pushed to the far corners of my closet or had slipped off the hangers and fallen on the floor. My hats, shoes and purse were also mixed in this jumble. Overall it was hard to get ready in the mornings because I just couldn’t find anything.

Here’s how I cleaned up my act.

1      Clear Out Unworn Clothes – I had several items that no longer fit or I just didn’t wear anymore that were taken valuable. I went through all my clothes on Snapchat, trying them on and deciding if I still wanted them. I cleaned those clothes I decided to get rid of and donated them to my local Good Will. Any damaged clothing was thrown away.

2      Switch to Thinner, No-slip Hangers –My old hangers were various sizes and thickness. I switched to velvet hangers to create more space and keep clothes slipping off and onto the floor.

     Invest in Closet Organizers - I a lot of clothes. My biggest desire was to be able to open my closet and immediately see what I want to wear. I bought a double hanging closet rod to display my pants and tops in the same space. I also re-purposed some old hanging shelves plus some shoe, belt and scarf organizers to break up the space into a dress section and a separate section for pants and tops.

       Use Bins to Maximize the Shelf Space – I like to put last season’s clothes away when enter a new season. So I used bins to keep those clothes organized. I also purchased a colorful box to house my hat collection.

5     Utilize Floor Space to Organize Shoes – Previously I tried to organized all my shoes in hanging shoe organizers. That plan did not work because many my shoes didn’t fit in them so I put my shoes on the floor.  They are stored in an organizer meant for under the bed and stack-able shoe storage.

Amazingly my closet has been transformed into a highly functional space that I actually like using. I can actually see what I want to wear. I am also more motivated to hang up my clothes each day.

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