Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Summer Oranges

O-range you glad it's Summer? I am! And I'm celebrating with a bunch of my favorite orange lipsticks

This picture shows four tubes of lipstick, but I have five favorite shades.

Here are them swatched, L to R, Milani Coral Addict, Milani Orange-gina,
MAC Call the Hairdresser, MAC Make Me Gorgeous, MAC Lady Danger

Milani Coral Addict is, in my opinion, a true coral. Perfect a bright, summery look.

Milani Orange-Gina is the perfect everyday orange lipstick... it's sheer with golden flecks. The lipstick perfect for a bronze look.

Both Call the Hairdresser and Make Me Gorgeous are both from the "MAC is Beauty" collection.
Call the Hairdresser, above, is a shiny berry- tinged coral. I love this for a casual look.

Make Me Gorgeous is an opaque pinky coral. This is an intense, slightly matte pigment so when I where it, I only dab a little on and then blot my lips together

This Lady Danger. It's a red-orange great for a mid-summer's night out on the town.

Which one's my favorite?  It's hard to say, but the lipstick I tend gravitate to the most is Orange-Gina. Call the hairdresser is a close second.

Which one is your favorite?Put it in the comments in the below.

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