Saturday, December 1, 2012

Qualtiy Time: a Grand Christmas Gift

One of the things David and I have struggled with since our July wedding is spending quality together time. Together time is more than sleeping in the same bed or being in the same room together.

Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages describes quality time together as "giving someone your undivided attention." This includes looking at each other and talking, not allowing yourself to be distracted from your spouse.

This can be challenging with tough work schedules, computers and televisions. This is certainly true for us: I get home later than David, and my favorite way to unwind its vegging out online or in front of the TV. David works two jobs during the fall and spring semesters and regularly attends training sessions and gigs on the weekend. So we're either tired or busy.

But we still try to make time for each other. We go on walks, eat out, eat in and watch Red Box* together.

*Chapman does not consider staring at a screen together time. However I like watching movies at home together because we can talk, out loud, joke and most importantly, cuddle with one another!

Now we're going to a new extreme: To spend more time together, I'm learning how to play David's favorite sport/hobby, golf.

Chapman says the point of trying your spouse's favorite activities is to experience something together and let your spouse know you care about him/her.

So far we have watched the tournaments on TV and even attended the Tiger Woods' Invitational together. I also got golf shoes during my honeymoon (at a golf resort and lodge.) Now I actually have clubs to play with!

Enjoy the pictures and I will check back with golfing updates.


lazicki said...

ooh good job with the golf!! love the photos

Meditations of the Heart said...

Looking like a pro already.