Monday, April 8, 2019

Spring Style Essentials

Spring is finally here. Time to take off the heavy  jackets and really show off your style.

Now there are classics that everyone turns to when it warms up -- khakis, stripes and floral. But if you want to be more than a basic bae, then here are some popular trends to amp your Spring style.


It's a bit strange to talk about wearing neon in Spring. Usually neon comes out in the Summer when you're headed to pool parties and summer concerts. 

The trick to this spring's trend is neon pastel like this $15 belt set. So skip over the neon oranges, greens and hot pinks. Instead look for clothes and accessories in highlighter yellow --like this cropped pullover-- neon baby blues and bubble gum pinks like this cropped puffer jacket. 


Speaking of Pastel, this trend is back in a big way. Before soft pinks, and lilacs ---like the fuzzy body suit in middle-- were consider too "sweet"  to be worn without something to break up the cuteness -- like a leather jacket or black jeans.                                                                                         But then on this year's red carpet, the stars and starlettes strutted in front of the cameras wearing romantic looks in pale pink and baby blues -- like this J.Crew jumpsuit. Still need some edge?  This sunflower yellow jacket from Dolls Kill has frayed edges.