Friday, January 4, 2013

Flannel Pajamas, Golf and Martial Arts

It's Friday and it is time to relax.

This Friday, David made chicken sausage pizza for our date night on the couch. 

I know that sounds corny, but it matters not whether we go to a 5-star restaurant or the dinner table. What matters to me is that we get to spend time together. Everyone's date night looks a little different and this was ours.

So while he cut up the slices, I slipped into my new A VS flannel sleep shirt

I ordered one last week during the Victoria Secret semi-annual sale. Trust me when I say this is the ultimate in lounge wear!

After dinner, we both watched our favorite shows: There was the PGA season opener, the Hyundai Tournament of Champions.This championship for golfing's elite should have been a spectacular display. However the Hawaii weather had other plans! It was funny to watch the wind bend the flags and blow balls around. 

There were golfers trying to play in the rain. What a sight! Caddies struggled to shield players as they put on their rain suits in the middle of the course. Players missed shots left and right. 

Play was finally halted and the scores from the day erased. The players are getting a reset.

Afterwards we watched Karate Kid 2, Shanghai Noon and Enter the Dragon. It was a fun night of laughing, cheering and pretend spars. (We did watch Kung Fu movies after all!). 

What unusual things do you and your honey do for date night? What are your date night ideas?

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