Sunday, April 19, 2015

#LillyForTarget: My Pink Sunday Rants and Raves

Target in Canton Crossing/ the lovely Lilly Pulitzer decorations

After waiting for months, I stood outside of Target this morning to pick up some items from the Lilly Pulitzer collaboration. I didn't get a lot thanks to the crowds of people who grabbed items indiscriminately but what I did get made me feel victorious.

First off, I got to my local Target at 7:40, 20 minutes before the store opened. Apparently that was not early enough. There was a long line and I was near the end of it.

Looking at the website, I wanted one of the shift dresses and the palazzo pants. I also wanted the blue and pink upstream bathing suit. From the home section, I wanted to get the plates and the patio umbrella.

Predictably all the items went quickly.

Here's what I did get...

As you can see,  I got a fair amount of things. By the time I got to the women's clothing rack, all the Lilly Pulitzer dresses, cover-ups and pants were gone. There were two of the pink and blue upstream swimsuits left and I grabbed one. It was the wrong size, (sad face) but I decided to keep it and give it to my sister.

I quickly moved on to the home section. Thank goodness I did because not only did I score a patio umbrella, I also managed to get the SOLE umbrella stand in the store! That put me on cloud nine. I also scored a set of margarita glasses instead of the plates.

Dave and I celebrated by putting the patio umbrella together after breakfast.

The umbrella is so stunning and it looks great in our backyard. That bright pink breaks up the gray concrete beautifully.

Now on to the rants.

1. My original plan was to purchase my desired items online and skip the store altogether. I woke up at 7 am to do this, but the Lilly for Target website crashed. I was not confident that I would be able to get things I wanted online before church so I headed out the door.

Many of the people who I met at Target had the same experience: they wanted to stay home and shop online but they came to the store because the website was down. So I think if Target had a stronger Lilly for Target website, it would have left a bit more product in the stores.

2. I wish the Target staff did more to keep a small amount of people from grabbing up all of the items.

I would have liked to see staff restrict customers from grabbing more than two of each item. I think two allows people to buy one for themselves and a second for a friend or family member while giving many others the opportunity to purchase the item. It also prevents people from getting extras just to resell them on Ebay.

Another option would have been to put the inventory out in waves. Put out the first wave of products for those who waited at the doors. The second wave of products would be for those who entered the store later or for those who missed items during the first wave.

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