Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Toby Mac/ Mandisa Concert

Toby Mac is one my favorite Contemporary Christian musical artist, and I got to see him in concert last week!

The concert tickets were a Valentine's Day gift from my hubby. It means a lot because Dave does not like the CCM genre and he says he doesn't go to a lot of concerts. 

Thanks Dave!

I was pretty excited to see him in concert -- especially when I found out Mandisa was also part of the tour -- so I decided it would be the perfect event to break in MAC Cinderelle eye palette.

The traffic to the Towson arena hosting the concert was horrible, but it was all worth it once we got inside. The first thing I did was purchase my concert t-shirts.

Miko likes them both!

We had great seats and I was able to see everything and dance along to all my favorite songs. 

If Toby Mac comes to your area, I recommend you go. He did a really cool rendition of the history of hip hop and he also  had a drum-off on stage. This is definitely a fun concert for you and the boo!

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