Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Thrift Store Treasures: Value Village, Good Will

Early birds get the worm Saturday mornings at the Highland Town Value Village. Why? Because if you come in by 9:00, you get a 10-20 percent discount to shop Baltimore's best thrift store. Here's some of exciting things I picked up the last time I was there.

The first thing I noticed was there was a TON of really nice spring dresses there! This dress with its bright Missoni-esque print really caught my eye.

The dress is not by Missoni. (Darn!) But it is a brand that I trust and have purchased before. Plus this gorgeous dress was $4.98 with my discount!

Here's another dress that caught my eye. I was attracted to the last dress' fabric; I was attracted to this dress' label and with the early bird discount, I got a Calvin Klein dress for $6.98! 

After getting all the deals I could at Value Village, my neighbor and I moved on to the Good Will in
Fells Point.

I had nothing special in mind when I spotted this pastel butterfly robe. I like to make my bed time comfy cozy and this robe looks so serene. This a Target brand robe that had never been worn before and when I picked it up it still had the original price tag. $21.99! I almost put it down. Thank goodness I got a price check! At $8.99 I definitely felt comfortable taking this robe home.

This porcelain jar was another target item. Just like the robe, the jar was unused and still had the store sticker. The original price was $17.99 but I got it for $10 dollars off!

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