Thursday, August 28, 2008

Be Faithful with Your Talents- Seize the Opportunities to Sow

Carpe Diem is Latin for seize the day. Many us this saying as a reason to get out in there and seize every available opportunity. The Bible has seize-the-day sayings for Christian. "Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth" The rest of the verse in Ecclesiastes 12 v 1 goes, "before the difficult days come, and years draw near when you say, 'I have no pleasure in them.'"

Depressing? Not really. Even the most stunning women cannot avoid aging. Just like the Latin saying suggests, the verse it telling us to take advantage of our youthful energy, young optimism, and our eagerness while we still have it. Seize the opportunities, SBMWs!

As we discussed earlier, Jesus is looking for those who he can use new and extraordinary ways. He has likened the Kingdom of Heaven to a(wo)man sowing seed in a field. Those who saved are the sowers, the seed is the Word of God, and we are using the talents that God has given us to sow the seed. Sadly in this analogy, Jesus has also said, the harvest, those who, at the opportunity, would receive the gift of salvation and Biblical teaching, is plentiful but the laborers, those ready and willing to be used by God in order to provide that opportunity, are few.

What's a single, business-minded woman to do? Sow at every opportunity! Ecclesiastes 11 v 6 says, "In the morning sow your seed, and the evening do not withhold your hand. For you don't know which will prosper. Either this or that or whether both alike will be good." With talents in hand, spread the Word of God indiscriminately and don't be discouraged if your efforts don't always turn out the way you wanted them to. Verse 5 of that same chapter says, "For you do not know the works of God who makes everything." But we do know that God's Word does not return to Him void. Keep sowing! Keep witnessing, keep loving, keep living holy on the job and at home. Keep working your talents! God's glory will be revealed.

In Your Quiet Time, Read: Matthew 13 v 3 - 9; 18 - 23

After Reading, Meditate on This: Am I sowing the Word at every opportunity? Am I using my talent for that purpose? Pray to become a better sower.

If you have read this and you do not have a personal relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ the Son, now is YOUR opportunity. Read the bottom of Monday's post.

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