Thursday, January 31, 2013

In Sickness

My husband David vowed to love me in sickness and in health, but recently I learned that it's in sickness where his love really shines!
I mentioned in yesterday's post that I have been trying to get over the common cold. Well yesterday I went to the doctor for a some help. They gave me a flu shot (ouch!) and told me to use saline nasal spray to clear up the congestion.

The doctor cared for me with the precision of a professional. However my husband has been caring   for with a loving touch!

Special thanks to the Pocket Full of Books blog for this image

He bought tissues, cough syrup, and this wonderful ham and white bean soup from my favorite place for soups - Atwater. (BTW, I am no longer vegetarian.) But more than that, he rubbed me down with Vicks, messaged his feet which I've described here how much I enjoy it, and sat with me. He cared for me with a servant's heart.

After today's doctor appointment, David and I reminisced about how his servant's heart really confirmed for me that he was one.

In February of 2010 I had oral surgery to remove my wisdom teeth. I thought the whole thing would be a simple procedure with little down time. Boy was I wrong! I woke from the surgery groggy, bleeding and in serious pain. Much like now, David went above and beyond. He was just supposed to be my ride home. But he purchased all my pain medications, took me home and put into bed. He even called my mom to let her know I was OK.

But I'm not done.

David left work to pick me up and he returned to work after the phone call. Or so I thought...
When I awoke from my drug induced sleep, I found out he bought me flowers, soup and instant mashed potatoes (the only thing I could eat for a month).

As I said, THAT was when I knew he was the one.

I absolutely hate being sick. I hate being bed or couch-ridden. I hate feeling pain. But I love that those sick moments rekindle my love for my husband.

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