Friday, February 15, 2013

Good Valentine Reads

As we come off of the sugar high of Valentine's Day and enter the three-day weekend, here are some interesting Valentine reads to spur some deep thought, inspire us to think of others and renew our love for our special someone.

I got this image from the Two Little Hooligans blog where you can actually learn how to make this yarn heart.

-Ever wondered what love REALLY is? Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll does a great job of breaking down this complex expression in this Washington Post editorial.

-Our single friends and family need love too. Here's some advice about how to spread the love to the unattached.

-This is not so much a read as it is an opportunity to do something loving for our homeless neighbors in Baltimore, MD. I heard about this on the radio yesterday night and plan to give a gift this weekend.

-I am a sap for couple stories. I am also a reality TV junkie  I satisfied these two appetites with Tia and Tamara Morwy's love notes their husbands. The stars, known for their '90s show Sister, Sister, talk about growing up and becoming wives and mothers on their reality show Tia&Tamara. It is the most positive thing on TV because I totally relate with their tales of transition as well as Tamara's interracial relationship. Their letters share more transition tales as well as really cute wedding pictures.

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Monica Pruett said...

I like how you include single people too. Thanks for linking up at Family Fun Friday at Happy and Blessed Home!

In His Grip,