Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Redeeming The To-Do List

Every weekend is a chance to catch up on my to-do list of laundry loads, upstairs and downstairs cleaning, homework and the like.

Yet every Monday I feel totally unprepared for the week.

Although he probably was not talking about the never-ending to-do list, Paul's words about the human condition still seem apt.

I definitely want to complete the items enumerated on that list. But circumstance, opportunities and unexpected events often prevent me from completing every single task.

The end result is undoubtedly frustration.

I  was really feeling that frustration yesterday when found this "REAL" to-do list on my desk.

Thanks Jenn Saenz for this office gift!

The Real To-Do List 

Smile at Strangers.
Keep learning.
Notice kindness.
Eat Ice cream.
Count your blessings.
Love some more.

My favorite item on the list is counting my many blessings. Although I still haven't figured out how to redeem my time on the weekends, I have a forgiving Lord who showers me with mercy and grace.

The least I can do is redeem my to-do list.

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