Monday, December 30, 2013

My Top 13 of 2013 

Every publication is publishing their top 13 of 2013 lists of news published, events covered, icons lost. I thought I would publish a list of my own as a way of reflecting on the year.

While putting this list together, I saw my struggle to balance married life with the hobbies, friends and routines I had before. I hasn't been easy year, but I also saw progress and small victories.  Judge for yourself; here's the list!

-"Have You Duffnered Yet?" - I picked up golf (both watching and playing) this year to keep up with David's interests. Quirks like Duffnering make it a fun sport.  

-"So Happy I Could Dance" - Here's a deep,  dark secret about romance: it can lead to weight gain! One my biggest challenges this year has been putting exercise back in my routine. 

-"Prayer 2.0, Upgrading My Single Girl Prayers" - Marriage is an adjustment in ways that aren't always apparent. 

-"Being a Superhero Spouse" - The super heroes in The Hobbit movie inspires to step up my game. 

-"Football and Faith:The Ravens Playoff Win Against the Broncos" - Here I am enjoying sports with my hubby

-"Flannel Pajamas, Golf and Martial Arts" - Here we customized date night to meet our needs.

-"Husband and Friend" - Friendships often take a hit when you get married. Here I try to revive those relationships.

-"Joy to the World" - Here is a fun way to spread joy around to friends and family 

-"Idolizing Your Marriage" - Even when wedded life seems great, I am humbled when I consider our journey to the alter. 

-"Redeeming the  To-do List" - This blog is about taking time, putting aside the work of the week and smelling the roses. 

-"Investing in Marriage" - This blog is reflection on a whole year of marriage.

-"Christmas Leftovers" - Here are some of the great stories that came from Christmas 2013. 

-"Joy Keeps Us Going" - Wedded life is not always sunshine and rainbows. But sometime you can still have joy in the midst of hard times. 

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