Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What's in My Gym Bag

I am taking barre and yoga classes to jump start Month 2 of my New Years resolution to  get toned. 

Two things I do to feel my best as I exercise in front of strangers are to wear comfortable clothes and bring a bag of my workout essentials.

Here is a list of my must-haves:

Headband- Sweat is salty and can make hair become brittle and break. This hair band protect my hair and matches with my gym clothes.

Lotion - I don't want any ash to distract me as I'm  working out.

If you're like me, it only takes one hint of ashy skin to flood my mind with anxious thoughts like is anyone looking my gray elbows and is that woman laughing at the instructor's last joke or my rusty knees.

Nivea Creme gives my dry skin a thick layer of moisture so my mind stays clear.

Lip Balm -  I actually keep my this in my car and put some on before I go inside the studio.

Mat: Some places charge you to rent one so I save money by bringing my own.

Block: The struggle is real when the eager and very flexible yogi urges everyone to perform a back bend and I can barely touch my shins let alone the floor. The block allows me to easily modify the pose. (P.S. they only cost $5 at Five and Below.)

Cleansing Clothes - Breaking a sweat while working out feels great, but I don't want to carry that sweat with me outside the yoga studio. I rely on these wet naps to banish the funk when I'm too scared shy to use the showers.

Moisturizing Spray -  Your body needs a glass of water after a vigorous effort on the mat and so does your face. This re-hydrating mist from Benefit is like a glass of water for your skin.

Lip Tint - Some times I run errands after working out. This product give my lips and cheeks a natural flush so I look effortlessly chic post workout.

What are your work out essentials? Share in the comment section below.

Plus take a picture of this icon in your smartphone and check out my Snapchat to see what my gym bag looks and to watch my yoga class.

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