Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Natural Hair Journey (18-21 months)

I can't believe it has been almost two years since I took a break from relaxers. I definitely didn't think I would make it this far because I didn't know how to style my natural hair.

I've been overcoming that hurdle with the help of YouTube and my mom and sister who both went natural before I did. I also have to thank you and this blog. Chronicling my natural hair journey here has been a great outlet for experimentation.

Here are the latest styles in my natural hair journey.

In December I pressed out my hair for the first time in several months. Just so you know, I don't judge people who "hot comb" their natural curls. Doing so at the start of my natural hair journey helped me ease into natural hair. Also straight hair doesn't necessarily equal damaged hair. There are plenty of protective products on the market to aid in healthy, straight hair.

That said, I chose to keep it straight for Christmas

... and much of January

I flat-twisted the right side of my hair to create this semi-protective style.

Return of the MACro fro! I can't believe it. My TWA has turned into a medium sized fro!

I did more super defined twist outs. Look how long they are now!

THEN...                                                                   NOW!                      

Frizzy two week old twist outs.

Stay tuned for more natural hair journeys.  Also share your hair journey (curly, colored, whatever) in the comment section below.

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