Thursday, April 28, 2016

Friday Flashback: Planner's Night Out

Miko wanted to come the planner party!

Last week I grabbed my Erin Condren planner and headed out to Michael's for a fun night of fellowship, laughs and beautiful paper goods at the National Planners' Night Out.

There were seven people there myself included and we had a great time.

Everyone had The Happy Planner, but it was still a good time. For one, it was great to see the differences between the two systems.

The coil system on The Happy Planner is different.
The disk-like coils and allows user take pages out with ease.

I like how easy it is to remove pages from The Happy Planner. Also The Happy Planner creates a lot of goods such as washi tapes, pen holders, stickers and dash board inserts. The Erin Condren system has few accessories, and they are all pretty basic.

We traded decoration tips and tricks to decorating our planners. We talked about of new places to get washi tape, making planner decorations from images on Pinterest and our favorite pen, the Paper Mate Inkjoy.

We talked about all the goals and activities we are using our planners to help us achieve such as teaching, getting through grad school and getting healthcare.

But the best part was the amazing products Micheal's put out for us purchase at 30 percent off.

I hope to do somethings special with these goods and post some planner pictures up on Instagram really soon.

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