Saturday, June 11, 2016

Snapchat Shenanigans

Every week I vlog on my Snapchat account.

Last week I couldn't stop talking about A&E's Roots. I really liked that the new Roots showed Kunta Kinte's origin story. However the new Roots was also (in my opinion) more violent.

I also shared a Slate article about america's reaction to the original Roots.

I sampled a new nail color I bought while I was in Boston. I wanted a summer beige and this polish is it.

I also showed off some new hair products that I'll be trying for the next month or so. I know this brand is pretty controversial in some circles but The Curly Chemist gave it a stamp of approval.

What the full Snap below. Also add me in the Snapchat app and see what I'm up too this week!

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