Friday, May 1, 2015

Outfit of the Day: Casual Friday

It's Friday and you've got one foot in the office and one foot out the door. So I wanted my causal Friday outfit to be office appropriate with a touch of weekend fun.

I love how this outfit mixes muted and bold colors or color -- the neon yellow. This outfit shows my fun personality while remaining professional. 

Here's where I got everything:

Many of the clothes I am wearing, I got in final sales or bought years ago so you may not be able to purchase the exact same item in stores. 

That said the bandage skirt was something I picked up in an Express back in college (nearly 10 years ago) because I loved the color. Years later I still love the color and bright colored clothing seems to be everywhere right now. You can get a similar skirt from Bebe in bright red.

The tan suede booties are my second favorite part of the outfit. I purchased them a couple months ago during a sale at a really good price and right now they are my go-to pair of shoes. Target has a similar ankle boots in a darker color.

The two-tone belt was also a final sale item.

I bought the over-sized shirt during a seasonal sale here in Baltimore called The Best Dressed Sale last year. I love this shirt and it really makes this outfit appropriate for the work place. Here is a similar shirt by H&M.

What is your favorite casual Friday outfit? Tell me about it in the comments section below. 

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