Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Black Natural Hair Journey: Natural Hair Styles (10-14 months)

If you have been following my black natural hair journey, then you know that I have been trying a lot of styles from Bantu Knots to twist outs to crochet braids. For me, it's all about exploring my natural texture's versatility and encouraging healthy hair growth.

Here's how I styled my hair after taking my extensions out last winter.

Curly Twist Out

I liberally apply curly pudding to freshly washed hair to achieve this look. Then I de-tangle and two-strand twist my hair. Next I roll the twists on perm rods. This is one of my favorite styles.


The teenie weenie afro is easy. I wash and de-tangle my hair. Then pat it into shape. Voila!  


I created this look the same way I created the curly twist out, stopping at the perm rods. Later you can unravel the twists to achieve this next look...

Twist Out

Twisted Updo

I acheive this look by slicking my freshly washed and de-tangled hair up with hair gel. Once everything is pinned up, I two-strand twist my hair and roll it up in perm rods.

Which of these styles do you like best? What are your favorite hair creation? Comment below

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