Friday, February 13, 2015

Tried and True Activities for Valentine's Day

My husband and I have some really great memories just doing seemingly mundane things. With Valentine's Day coming up, here are some of those fun events that could also double as romantic Feb. 14 activities.

Play His Favorite Sport: David is a huge golf fan. One of my favorite memories was golfing with him on the Rocky Gap course. I did not know what I was doing, and I didn't even make it through the entire 18 holes. (I was enjoying the golf cart way too much!) Yet afterwards he said it meant a lot that I played the game with him.

Making Stuffing for Thanksgiving
Cook a Meal Together: Nothing tests your communication skills and your ability to work as a team like sharing a kitchen. I'll admit our first meals were bumpy (imagine two control freaks ... together ... with limited counter-top space. Yikes!) but we are starting to get into a groove now.

Make a Special Breakfast: Surprises are fun and this surprise is super easy because I can set it all up the night before: putting roses in a pitcher of water; setting the table; pouring the water, OJ and cereal out and sealing it all up with Saran wrap. (And a heart shaped doughnut from Dunkin!) I did this last year for Valentine's Day and the best part was waking to David's surprised shouts the next morning.

Dave wrapped up tight in Boston!

Take in the Sights Together:  Whether we're taking in the sights in our hometown or Beantown, exploring is always better with my partner in crime. When we went to Boston for Thanksgiving two years ago, we had so much fun exploring David's old stopping grounds as a student at the New England Conservatory of Music. We have the lobsters to prove it!

We roll together like ... lobster rolls!

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