Sunday, February 1, 2015

David Bakes ... Tortillas

The best thing about the weekend is enjoying a nice large breakfast -- the kind of meal I typically don't have time for during the week. My husband knows this and so he decided to surprise me before church Sunday with a big Mexican breakfast: re-fried beans, huevos, and homemade flour tortillas!

I have become obsessed with flour tortillas since first I had them at his Tia Mary's house. She made them from scratch and served them hot off the stove. They were so different from the cold, rubbery store-bought tortillas; I couldn't get enough.

Since then I have been feeding my addiction with whole wheat flour tortillas from Texas grocery chain H-E-B. We get two bags of them every time David's parents come to town. (Thank You!!)

But I've always bugged my hubby to try his hand at making them. He typically waved me off -- until Sunday.

Oh my goodness! I hope they become a regular fixture to our weekend breakfasts.

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