Monday, February 1, 2016

Open Letter to Ro of ‘Newlyweds’: Stay Confident

My newest reality show fixation recently reminded me how difficult it can be to answer critics who question our passion. 

These critics often tell us that the task is impossible or that you’re not qualified enough or that your plans are too risky. We can sometimes ignore those critics when they are acquaintances but it’s nearly impossible to disregard a naysayer when he or she is your spouse or a member of your family.

Rob and Ro are the couple on the far right side.

Aspiring fashion journalist Ro Williams Brann found herself in this very predicament while documenting her first year of marriage to husband Rob on Bravo’s “Newlyweds.”

Ro has a seemingly glamorous day job in the fashion industry but her true passion is her part time gig, style blog The Bloggerella. When work gets to be too much, she wonders out loud to her husband if she should quit her full-time job and focus on her blog.

Unfortunately her husband doesn’t respond the way she hopes – that is to say he encourages Ro to stick with her day job because it’s too risky for to be unemployed. Rob also points out that she does not have a journalism degree.


I can sympathize because I’ve been her in shoes. Being an online reporter had it perks, but the long commute combined with the stress of daily deadlines also had me thinking I needed a change. Ultimately I left my job of five years to break into the broadcast journalism field.

While my husband did not challenge my decisions, there were family members who questioned my move. It is tough knowing the people closest to you doubt your judgement.

I was initially very defensive, trying very hard to explain away their concerns, and I was upset when they didn’t get it. Then I became guarded, putting space between myself and my cynics. I didn’t talk to them as often as I once did and when we did, I avoided discussing about my plans. I was not myself around them. Finally I began doubting my vision to the point that I began applying for positions I knew I was not excited for simply because I knew it would please others.

Things changed when I realized my problem was not with my critics but myself.  I had taken my eyes off my goals and given in to discouragement and doubt.

When I found my confidence to keeping going with my goals, I finally found a position at a local TV station. And you know what? Those naysayers are coming around.

For Ro or anyone dealing with doubters in their inner circle, I say believe in yourself and what you are doing.

Don’t allow yourself to be thrown off your game just because there’s opposition from those close to you. Win them over with your confidence. Your confidence and certainty will sway the cynics and help you continue down the path to success.

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