Friday, September 7, 2012

Proverb 31 Women at the RNC and the DNC

As both political parties wrap up their conventions, I feel incredibly blessed when I think of the role strong women played in both summits.

Watching the Republican National Convention, I was mesmerized by Mia Love. This Utah mother, wife and would-be congressional member embodies balance.

The daughter of Haitian immigrants, Love is an energetic public servant who is seeking to bring change to her home district. Her passion was ignited by her parents who worked hard to ensure that she could have a good life in this country. Their work ethic and fiscal restraint is why Love believes she can make a change in Washington.

It is not easy being a black woman in the Republican Party. However Love overcomes the racial tension with such ease and class.

Love may also surprises many with her ability to balance her campaign with her home life as a wife and mother of three.

She built this kind of balance long before running for her district's congressional seat. As mayor of Saratoga Springs, Love carved out time in the mornings to run and even teach a fitness class during the week.

Passionate, energetic, and balanced, Love is definitely a person of interest this election year.
At the Democratic National Convention, another strong woman commanded the stage - Michelle Obama.

There is no question that Obama is a dedicated mother and wife. When her husband was elected president of United States, she initially devoted herself to assuring that he and her daughters Sasha and Malia adjusted to their new Washington, D.C. home.

Obama chose to forego the limelight for a time so she could be an anchor for her family. As a result, the limelight found her.

While she took her personal family responsibilities seriously, she also made room to express her passionate activism. Obama started a presidential garden and started raising nutritional awareness among communities, parents and children.

She too finds time in the morning to enrich herself and stay fit.

Both women exist in a category of their own making. And yet, they both hold common traits found in Proverb 31 women.

Though Love is a Mormon (and by definition and practice is not a Christian) she is an example of how a woman of note mixes the can-do spirit with family values.

Michelle shows us how praise follows the woman who has achieved the right balance work and family.

While I may at times favor one party over the other or even disagree with both parties, I believe we all can learn from the virtues revealed in both.

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