Sunday, September 16, 2012

I am a HUGE fan of the Food Network! I watch the channel almost every day. So what I'm about say may come as a surprise but my husband does all the cooking.

Working for a news publication means longer work hours and traveling. I love my job and consider these to be perks. However at home it means a lot sacrific. My husband's job is way more predictable ergo he cooks dinner.

He does a great job. Sometimes he tries new things such as eggplant parmesan. On especially late nights, he greets me with his trusty pasta and meat sauce. There are always tortillas in our refrigerator for our favorite fall-back taco night. David also makes great desserts.

After savoring a forkful of his splendid peanut butter cake (Nom, nom, nom!), I thought, "I have got to do better." It seemed selfish to enjoy his great cooking without contributing some of my own.

The solution? A Sunday dinner of steamed fish and stewed orka and tomatoes with pasta. For dessert, we enjoyed an easy yet healthy parfait made with Greek yogurt, pumpkin and flax seed granola, and fresh strawberries.

(My dessert is pictured above!)

Cooking on the weekend gives me a chance to share the load ... and justify my addiction to the Food Network

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