Thursday, September 20, 2012

NBC Comedy Highlights: Dwight Goes Off the Deep End on the Office; Parks and Rec Goes to D.C., and The Ava Show is Canceled on Up All Night

Sometimes you just have laugh to keep going when you have heavy responsibilities at work and at home. That's why I enjoy NBC's Thursday night comedy line up so much!

The Office

Tonight was the premiere of The Office's final season. :-( As usual, Dwight Schrute's hijinks are so incredibly funny to watch.Two interns are introduced to the office and one them looks similar to Dwight. Dwight is initially happy to have a mini-me to mentor. However he became insanely jealous when "Little Dwight" excelled at a team-building exercise.

The key word here is insane.

Dwight began to look like a Wipe Out contestant as he tried to beat Little Dwight's performance. He finally gave in to his co-workers' demands to stop after he bloodied himself. But Dwight was far from done!

In typical Office fashion, Dwight decided to go big or go home with a bicycle ride on a high-wire  overlooking the parking lot. Sounds crazy? Don't worry, Dwight added a weight to keep him balanced ... the office printer!

Surprise, surprise Dwight stumbled and had to be rescued by the fire department.

Parks and Recreation 

I cheered like a crazy person when Pawnee Parks Director Leslie Knope won the city council election last season.

This season Knope traveled to D.C. to get federal funds for her first city council project/ visit her boyfriend Ben who is running a congressional campaign there. My favorite part was seeing Barbara Boxer, Olympia Snow and John McCain appear on the show. It was great to see them being good sports and becoming part of the fun.

Up All Night

Reagan and Chris Brinkley are the hip young couple I want to befriend!

Part of their appeal is that Reagan is an ambitious talk show producer; I am an ambitious online journalist. Chris gave up his job to support his wife and stay home with their adorable infant daughter; my husband is also my biggest supporter and makes sacrifices to help me reach my professional aspirations. Translation: I definitely feel a connection to this couple.

So it was cool to see my favorite husband-and-wife duo was renovating their home. (I'm revamping my bedroom!) Unfortunately Reagan was tearing down the bathroom wall when she discovered that her show's been canceled. This is going to be an interesting season!

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