Saturday, October 6, 2012

NBC Comedy Higlights: 'Up All Night' Shows How to Keep a Marriage Fresh

As I said in my last post, "Up All Night" power couple Reagan and Chris Brinkley are the hip young couple I want to befriend! (Which makes it all the more sad that Actor Will Arnett is splitting from his wife "Park and Rec" Actress Amy Poelher are splitting)

In Thursday night's episode Reagan and Chris tried to reconnect now that "The Ava Show" has been canceled. However their endeavor seemed doomed when Chris and Reagan turned of the TV and discovered they relationship has gotten pretty dull. They struggled to start a conversation until they gave up and ate in silence.

They also try to making out in the yard and flying trampez lessons to spice things up. Nothing worked... except opening up about themselves.

Wow, how true.

David and I have been married now for two months and 14 days. We are getting into a routine: Work, home, gym on Tuesdays, John Hopkins on Wednesdays and Thursdays, church on Sundays and back to work on Monday.

I am happy to be in a routine! A routine means stability. But sometimes we just need something out of the ordinary to freshen things up: Enter the dinner table.

I'm thinking it's time to follow the Brinkleys' example and turn off the TV and tune into each other!

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