Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Don't Be Tardy to the Party

The hardest part of being a twosome is being on time. It's one thing to get yourself dolled up and ready for your significant other to pick you up. It's a whole other thing for the two of your to get ready together in the same house (in the same small bathroom).

I won't pretend that I was Ms. Punctual before I met my husband. However, I wasn't as devastating late for everything.  

I also wasn't sharing an alarm clock, shower, mirror or closet either.

It is so easy to lay the blame on the other person - "He turns off my alarm clock" "He hogs the bathroom" "He's only ready so quickly because he doesn't have hair or makeup to contend with"  (oh, that felt good) - but lets face it, leaving the house on time is a team effort.

If one person is not ready, no one is ready.

I have trolled the Internet, TV and magazines as well as recalled tips from friends and family to tackle this problem. Here's what I have come up with so far: Being on time as a twosome requires advanced preparation as well as teamwork.

Advance Preparation-
-Pack gym, lunch and work bags at night (Thanks Super Nanny!)
-Select clothes for the week on Sunday 
-Shower at night ( Thanks parents!)
-Go to bed early 
-Wake up early

-Share bathroom
-Iron each others clothes (Thanks Shannon!)
-Fill in where help is needed

Got some more helpful suggestions? Please post them below!

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