Sunday, October 14, 2012

Is There Such Thing as a Perfect Marriage?

This question popped in my mind after reading Grayson Pope's blog on CP Blog. Pope says perfection is the enemy is of many young, idealistic relationships. He wrote,

"Perfection is no longer seen as a condition or state of being. We now perceive it to be something not only attainable, but expected. In the same way our steak had better be cooked with exactly the right amount of pink in the middle, our families must exist with the right amount of satisfactory grades, good behavior, dinner-making and room for man caves."
My parent's marriage is the only relationship that I've gotten to see up close. My parents aren't perfect: They have had their disagreements. As kids, my siblings and I occasionally heard them arguing in their room. However this Saturday they celebrated their 32 anniversary!

So what's the secret to a lasting marriage?

My parents shared their secret for a long marriage at the dinner my husband and I held in their honor:

Dad says it is important to understand and love each other. Mom says don't stay angry with each other; forgive each other. Also she said always find a way to see the humor in the moment and laugh when it's safe to do so!

Dave and I may never be perfect, but we'd be happy if we could follow our parents' example.

Thanks Mom and Dad!

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