Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Promise of Marriage

This weekend's post is dedicated to my friends Lourdes and Jayson. They tied the knot on Friday.

This was our first wedding since our own. It was great to see the way they lovingly looked at each other and remember when we looked at each other at the alter. When they read their vows, I remembered my own vows. Everything is a reminder of the promise marriage brings:  promises of unity, unconditional love, and joy.

It's been over 3 months since David and I married. A lot of things have happened since our wedding: we've moved in together and returned to work. We've unpacked boxes and painted a wall. We've divided up chores and combined our schedules. However moments like this give us the opportunity to reconnect with the promise of our marriage.


Here is a wonderful essay about marriage:

                                                                     Love's Source
   "The marriage service leaves us looking out along a road that leads on to endless joy. There will be hardships along that road, and disappointments. To travel it will require strong disciplines and intelligently worked-out ways. Much that is ahead is uncertain, but some things can be depended on as absolutely sure. 'Faith, hope, love abide; these three but the greatest of these is love'
    "The bride and groom can set forth with high hearts because they have faith in each other which is founded  on their faith in God. They can face the future full of hope because they know what will bring their marriage its daily comforts and ultimate success. Side by side they can start down across the years to each other by a love whose source is in the heart of God." ~ George E. Sweazey

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