Thursday, October 25, 2012

Basic Marriage Training

"Sometimes we have to train ourselves to do the things that are best for us-the things that we don't actually feel in the moment" Lisa Chan

So true with the stress my hubby and I have been feeling lately. It feels so good to whine about the week's stress rather than train myself to do the things that could alleviate the pressure.

The most important things I am struggling to adopt as a wife is quiet time. 

My favorite tv shows, the Internet, and magazines can be so alluring that I often miss out on the opportunity to connect with God, chat with my husband or just simply rest!

I am also training to become more helpful. 

Although David has assumed certian roles and responsibilities around the house and in our marriage, I'm training myself to pick up the slack when needed.

I am also learning to listen and be patient. 

I am definitely not perfect: some days I refuse touch the dishes or I 'm too  preoccupied with the Food Network or what I'm going to say next to listen to David talk about his day. 

But I am taking this training one day at a time.

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