Monday, November 19, 2012

To Love, Honor and Clean?

Walking down that aisle, you envision all the wonderful things marriage hold:


                                          Dirty dishes????

Yes, it's true: the combination of two people in holy matrimony also means bigger messes. No mess is bigger in the Saenz household than the dishes. On weekends, I try to keep up with the dishes by washing them as I cook. I also try to wash my dishes once I am done with them.

But in reality, David and I come home from work tired most nights. Some days there are piles of dishes in the kitchen sink filled.

I have come up with the 10-dish method to solve this problem. The 10-dish method involves washing 10 pieces - be it silverware, plates, Tupperware lids, whatever - in the morning, in the evening, between in commercials. Some times when I wash 10 dishes, I find the energy to wash the rest.

There are lots of other cleaning tips online: recommends keeping a bucket full of cleaning supplies in easy-to-reach spots around the house.

-Real Simple Magazine recommends making cleaning part of your routine by wiping down surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom as you cook, brush your hair or wash your face.

-Real Simple Magazine also urges everyone to make the most of each moment. In 15 minutes one can wipe the counter tops and the sink, sweep/dry-mop the floor and clean the refrigerator door handle. With an additional 5 minutes, you could also wet-mop the floor and wipe down the appliances.

-Better Homes and Gardens Magazine recommends splitting up chores over a number of days

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