Saturday, January 12, 2013

Football and Faith:The Ravens Playoff Win Against the Broncos

Anyone who watched the Baltimore Ravens 38-35 win over the Denver Broncos like my husband and I did witnessed one of the most miraculous games ever.

The Ravens had no chance according to the sportscastors' accounts, and we believed them. My husband conceded Ravens defeat by the beginning of the 4th quarter. I held out hope but by the last three minutes of the fourth quarter, I was over the game. The Broncos seemed set to win the game 35-28, and I was OK with it. After all the Ravens had played hard in the cold. They kept up with the Broncos almost point-for-point so it would be OK if the team lost.

The Ravens' Quartacerback Joe Flacco threw a stunning 70-yard pass to Jacoby Jones help the Ravens to tie the game in the last minute. Overtime also looked less then promising until the Ravens scored an interception and kicker Justin Tucker landed the game-winning field goal in double-overtime.

David and I were stunned beyond belief. How did this happen? Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis' answer is faith in God. Lewis, a Christian, made it clear at the end of last week's game that he puts his team's performance in the hands of The Almighty. Throughout the game, Ravens players we seen giving God the glory after amazing plays by pointing up. After the Saturday win, Lewis told the media that team had declared they had the victory during halftime and no weapon formed against them, I.E. Tom Brady, could prosper.

It was a wonderful reminder of what can happen when we have faith in God. With it, we can move mountains and maybe even win playoff games.

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