Sunday, July 21, 2013

Investing in Marriage

Saturday marked our first anniversary. My husband and I celebrated at home with our neighbor Grace.

(The cake still looks and tastes great. And, we finally got to use the cake topper that we couldn't find the day of the wedding)

The past year has been a lot of fun despite our ups and downs. We feel blessed to be together and are looking forward to more anniversaries.

Waking up the following morning, this reflection from Rob Strong's new book The Big Guy Upstairs seemed apt.

Referring to Matthew  25: 14-30,  Strong writes

"Investment of time and love and energy into that which we have been entrusted is the point here, not money. In this story, Jesus is teaching us to invest in those we most treasure.  Yes, we are to love others with whom we don't normally interact or those we want to reach out to, but in addition, the love we intentionally invest in the people we are most naturally close to is incredibly and undeniably valuable. Our spouses, children, parents, siblings, neighbors, friends, baristas, mechanics, doctors, coworkers and whomever we walk with on our unique path every day: these are the individuals entrusted to our care"

These are pretty powerful words that I will be taking with me into our second year of marriage.

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