Friday, November 15, 2013

Office Makeover: Book Shelf

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am making over my office. The biggest problem is the books strewn everywhere. Goodness knows I enjoy buying books almost as much as I enjoy buying clothes. I definitely want to display them in my office but definitely not like this.

When I think of a working space, I think of an organized space. So it made sense to take on the book case first. Being that I'm not a organized person, I decided to get some help.

Young House Love is a great advice book [so is the blogfrom young couple Sherry and John Petersik  about fixing your home decor on the cheap. Their advice includes making hanging art from whatever you have around the house including wrapping paper, paint chips, and old keys; swapping pillows with a friend; and organizing your bookshelves`.

The Petersiks' advice includes

1. Start by staggering vertical groupings of books and other large objects.

2. Add horizontal stacks of books and storage boxes to contain clutter.

3. Add personality with a few accessories like a frame, some decorative items and even a picture taped to the back

And Voila!

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