Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Joy Keeps Us Going

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. The hubby and I went to Boston to recharge our batteries and break bread with my grandmother. It was a joyous time.

Our trip souvenir!

That break is long gone now. We're back at work, back to waking up early and getting to bed late. Back to traveling to trains to jobs, from jobs to trains, from trains to schools, from schools to schools, from schools to jobs, from jobs to home.

This jumble is our daily grind and every day, ready or not, we put our hands to that grindstone.

This particular morning my husband turned to me and said he was tired. In that moment, I looked at him and

made a funny face. He laughed and thanked me for bringing a little levity to his morning.

I thank God for that moment.

My husband's statement could have easily turned into an argument (and has in the past) about who's working the most and therefore more to entitled to be tired. It could have easily become a shouting match (and has in the past) about not letting dishes or laundry or clutter pile up around the house. But arguments drain the human spirit. What we needed in that moment was a little joy, and by divine providence, the Lord lent us a perfect piece of humor.

It was a reminder that sometimes we need a little joy-- a little inside joke, a peck to the cheek, a brief hug, or a helping hand -- to get through some times.

Similarly, marriage's little joys helps us to endure each day.

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Beth said...

That's so true, Stephanie! Not only does something like you did lighten the mood but it gives a better perspective on things. Especially since in the past you might have reacted defensively. It sounds like you were communicating to your hubby that "we're in this together!" Great thoughts and I'm so grateful you shared this at Wedded Wed, my friend!