Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Day!

It has been snowing in my next neck of woods from Sunday through Tuesday. For some, the snow was a nuisance. For me it was an answer to prayer.

With a new project at work and classes four nights, I have really been dragging lately. The solution may seem simple:  rest when the weekend comes. And yet, I attempting to do so made me feel guilty: After all, wasn't there homework assignments to complete? Or a stale CP books homepage, Facebook page, or Twitter page to update?

But looking at the snow, I felt a sense of peace.

Sunday's snow slowed my plans to head from church, to the grocery store and then the bank. Instead I had a hot cup of coffee (and then another), wrapped myself in a blanket and stared out the window. It was WAY more relaxing than watching HGTV or Food Network.

Our snow-covered block!

Monday's snow closed school but wasn't enough to prevent me from going to work. But I felt peace once again as I stared out the train window at the snow that settled on the tracks and surrounding trees.

Can you see the train seat reflected in the window?

Tuesday's snow gave me pause. I chose to work from home rather than risk traveling to work in the snow and sleet. Again the scene outside was a source of comfort.

The view from the house office

Tomorrow I will return to my regular work/school/internship schedule with its demands and responsibilities. Still I feel blessed to have had this moment of rest.

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