Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Natural Black Hair Journey - New Beginnings

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/Powell Burns

Natural black hair is something I never wanted to have. I was happy with my mid-length relaxed hair.
That is until I began embracing color. I fell in love with the Ombre- black to honey brown. I also decided it was time to cut my hair. Unfortunately those hair choices paired together left my hair damaged and way too short.

Now I am taking a break from chemicals to improve the condition of my hair as well as grow the length.

My new hair journey began when I skipped my touch-up in mid-June. I am officially kicking off this phase with some hair goals.

This article from BlackHairInformatiom.com says to specific, timed goals.

My goals are to...

1. Learn to properly moisturize, clean and style my hair in a way that facilitates hair growth and prevents breakage  by September. - I had a routine before my recent hair damage and I would like to update and improve that routine.

2. To wash my hair every week for 21 weeks (or seven months) in a row - They say it takes 21 times to make something a habit!

3. To discover my curl pattern before the end of the summer- I have never seen my hair's natural curl. I would like to rock those natural curls THIS summer.

4. Discover some new protective styles like YESTERDAY- I seriously need to know what to do with my hair!

5. Learn more about relaxer stretching by my 32nd birthday - I ultimately see myself returning to relaxed hair because I enjoy wearing my hair straight. But I would like to do it in a manner that will allow for hair growth and health. I've heard that stretching a relaxer for up to 20 weeks could be a solution.

6. Grow some HAIR - goes without saying.

I will keep you all posted on how I doing with my goals.

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