Monday, May 11, 2015

Where's the Money? Speaking Up About Wage Inequality

When work gets crazy, so does my planner!

You're working hard, putting in your dues at work but your paycheck doesn't show it. 

For many woman it can be so hard to speak up when you are making less than you deserve. It can be especially hard for Christian women. We don't want to be seen as greedy or covetous even if we do need the money for our families.

I was one of those women. I was so embarrassed about what I made that I began to isolate myself from colleagues, from friends and even my husband so that I didn't have to talk about it. 

I knew that I should talk to my superiors but I didn't feel confident enough to do so.  If you feel that way, I would encourage to talk to a friend first.

I turned to my friend Dana. Dana and I teach children's church together and one Sunday I told her about my struggle. I was surprised to learn that she once had a similar problem. She encouraged me with her story of talking to her boss and gave me the strength to approach my own company. You can read more about our conversation in this guest column I wrote for career and lifestyle website The Corporate Woman. 

The Bible says iron sharpens iron. If you are struggling to speak up about your income, speak to a trusted friend and allow her to sharpen you up in this area.

What workplace struggles to do you have? How has sharing with a trusted friend help you over come those struggle? Share in the comment section

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