Monday, June 1, 2015

Birthday Outfit and Other Snaps

Thanks Google! You're so creepy thoughtful.

Friday was my birthday and I celebrated with my hubby, my girlfriends and you -- my followers -- via Snapchat. For those who missed my snaps, here are a few snippets.

Of course I had to dress up for my birthday. I chose to wear a white cami from Old Navy and an orange skirt that I can't remember where I purchased it from. (Here is a similar one.) Over top of that I wore a JCrew summer scarf I found at the thrift store fashioned into a vest. (Make your own vest with this H&M scarf.) 

I did my hair up into a puff with a Anthropologie head band my husband bought me last year for my birthday, put on my Ann Taylor earrings (a similar pair) and did my makeup just the way I like it.

Then Dave and I took off for dinner on the water at The Boathouse in Canton. We like this place because the views of the Harbor are amazing.

I received some really nice gifts: a T-shirt and frisbee from Buckee gas station  (if you're from Texas, you know what I'm talking about) and several items from Vera Bradley among other things.

Overall I felt really blessed to see another year of life.

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