Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cleaning Tips for Holiday Entertaining

Before entertaining friends and family, make the holidays very merry with these cleaning tips.

1. Make a List - Write out everything you need to do get the house ready for guests.

2. Cross Off At Least One Thing- We tend to be overly ambitious when planning a party. So look over your list and see if there is anything that you can save for later.

3. Spread Out the Chores - Cleaning the entire house the day of your party can increase your stress and throw off your meal preparation. Make things more manageable by spreading chores over several days. 

 Prepare guest rooms the weekend before your event. Three days beforehand dust furniture and clean mirrors. Clean and polish plates, cutlery and table linens two days ahead. Vacuum and arrange living and dining rooms the day before. Finally clean guest bathrooms the morning of the party.    

4. Recruit Helpers - Get your spouse and children to help out with choirs beforehand.  After the party, ask guests to help store leftovers and stock the washing machine

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