Monday, October 3, 2016

DIY Fall Acessories: The Choker Necklace

Me wearing my homemade choker.

This one from Nasty Gal costs $18.
I made seven chokers
for $2.14 each. 
Choker necklaces; this 90's throwback transitions from summer to fall very easily. Unfortunately they are horribly overpriced in most stores. So I decided to DIY a few from a shirt I got for $5 from the thrift store to show how easy (and cheaper) it is to make your own chokers from materials you already have at home.

This is the top that started it all!

The top I chose for this project has black stripes so it is an easy template for creating the fabric strips that become the choker. Also it has plenty of floral lace that will make a pretty cute flower choker.  

With this top and $18 worth of tools and charms, I was able to make seven really amazing choker necklaces for me and my sister.

Here some of the jewelry tools you need to get this project going.

              1. Ribbon Clamps
              2. Chain Links
              3. Lobster Clasp
              4. Jump Rings
              5. Long Nose and Round Nose Jewelry Pliers
              6. Jewelry Cutters

I got my supplies from Michael's but I found out later that you can get the same supplies much cheaper at Walmart.

Check out my 4th of July nails!
After washing the top, I cut a long black strip using the shirt's pattern as a guide. Cut the strip to your desired length using your neck as the measure. (Tip: you don't want the strip to wrap completely around your neck. Just the front and sides of your throat.)

Since the shirt was made of synthetic fibers, I cut my strip a little shorter and pulled it taut to get a cord-like look.

If want your choker to have a charm, put it on now. 

If you want to skip the pendant like I did for the choker pictured above, then skip down to the part about ribbon clamps.

I purchased two of the wire-wrapped crystal pendants below for $5.99 at Michael's. Michael's has beautiful charms, but if you want something more personal, authentically vintage, or just cheaper, try making a charm out of an earring or get one from an old necklace.

Once you have your charm on, attach the ribbon clamps to the ends of your fabric rope, closing them with the long nose pliers. 

Open up two jump rings using the rounded nose pliers. Insert a lobster clasp into one of the rings. Then insert the jump rings into the loops of the ribbon clamps. Close the jump ring with the lobster clasp using the long nose pliers.  

Using your neck, measure out the amount of chain needed to connect the choker. Separate it out from the pack by using the round nose pliers or jewelry cutters to break a link. 

Put the separated chain on the open jump ring and close it up with the long nose pliers.  

Voila! You have a beautiful choker just in time for fall!

For this flower choker,  I seam ripped the daisy applique from the straps of the shirt. Then I put the ribbon clams and jump rings on each side. Add the lobster clasp and chain just like I described for the other choker, and you have a choker that can be punk rock or 90's grunge depending on how you dress it up.

When you make the chokers, you can decorate it any number of ways. Enjoy!

Here are the chokers I made for my sister. I got that wooden and sliver charm from a flea marked for 25 cents.


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