Sunday, February 10, 2013

Share the Love!

My Valentine's Day week started with a bang when I reconnected with a former co-worker Friday. What I originally thought would just be a reunion between friends turned into a great couples dinner!

May-Lynn and her fiance Brian met up with David and me at the Tabard Inn in Dupont Circle for an A-mazing dinner.

First off the atmosphere at this restaurant is great. The lounge area is cozy and inviting.

Plus the walls are filled with vibrant art work that we enjoyed while waiting for the receptionist.

Then there was the food! The Tabard Inn is known for its brunch but don't sleep on the dinner menu. It's great! I had a really savory goat ragu. David's shrimp and grits also tasted good. The food was so good that it was completely quiet after the entrees arrived!

But most important was time we spent talking with May-Lynn and Brian. We got to share our love stories, funny arguments and our relationship tips.

As I mentioned here, I believed it's important for couples to encourage one another. It's hard being a two-some, and everyone needs some encouragement.

David and I are NOT relationship pros, but we have survived six months of marriage. So we had a little something we could pour into our engaged friends. My relationship tip for them was to pray for your partner. We can't change our partners' bad habits, but we can change how we respond to them. I have found prayer to be key.

All-in-all, the dinner was memorable. David and I left feeling like we had a fun and fulfilling evening. And, our love for each other was definitely rekindled.

This Valentine's Day take a moment to meet with another couple and share. You will be amazed how inspiring, romantic and fun things will turn out.

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