Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Weight Part 2

It's funny how things work. Yesterday I wrote about gaining some unexpected "happy weight" from dating my husband.

The next day I read in Shape Magazine that "Newly married women and men gain 6 to 9 more pounds more than  their single counterparts over a five-year period."

Why? Shape says spouses begin to match each other bite for bite. David is 6 ft. and can probably take in more calories a day than a 5ft., 5in. me can. He works on his feet most of the day, burning off more calories. I sit at a desk.

Fortunately this magazine has interesting suggestions to get a weight makes me happy and healthy.

The number one tip is collaboration. David and I occasionally go on walks and jogs together. I am also working out on Saturdays and participating in an adult ballet class once a week.

David and I also discussed forming new eating habits. However the hard part is changing my eating habits. I started OK today but I splurged on egg rolls and french toast sticks (not at the same time).

I found some other tips online:

-Track  your meals
-Try out healthy recipes together
-Eat slower
-Adapt your husband's favorite meals to make them healthier (swap in brown rice and wheat pasta, add a salad to meat-and-potato dishes)

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