Friday, November 11, 2016

Product Review: Wen Hair product

A couple of months ago, I announced on Snapchat that I was trying Wen. I know, I know there are allegations that Wen caused hair loss in some women. I also know some curly haired women love Wen and swear by it because it's a co-washing system.

I was excited about Wen because it's a three-product system that could save time and money.

I said in a previous hair week post that natural hair takes a ton of time. What I didn't mention it is costly because you need a lot products.

With a relaxer, I only used five products. With natural hair, I use seven.


In March I ordered the Wen Cleansing conditioner, styling creme and  replenishing treatment mist for 63.56 including taxes (there was no shipping costs) from QVC.

The Cleansing condition is for washing and conditioning, the styling creme is for styling you hair (duh) and the mist is for moisturizing those locks. It was meant to last three months.  Creator Chaz Dean says his product has a lot of natural oils and will help hair remain full and thick from root to tip.


I was so happy when these came in mail because I could start saving money. I decided to try and use only the Wen for the three months.

I love the ingredients in the cleansing conditioner and the mist. The Styling Creme had one or two chemicals I found questionable, but i decided to try it anyway.

I struggled to open the pump for the first time. Like really struggled. I thought the instructions would help but there was only a generic pamphlet in with the products. I understand the most of the Wen products change seasonally, but it would have been nice to still have a instruction book specific to the product I ordered.

When I do get the product open, I absolutely love the smell! Dean switches up the scents every season and the lilac smell is amazing.

The instructions is definitely different from normal shampoo instructions. It says use 10 to 32 pumps of Cleansing Conditioner depending on your hair length. I go with the medium length which is between 16-24 pumps. The pamphlet then says to divide that amount in half to wash and rinse your hair twice.

It also said to use a small amount as a leave in.

I decided not to follow the bit about a leave-in conditioning. Instead I treat the second wash as a deep conditioner treatment. I apply the conditioner, put on a plastic cap and finish my shower. Then I rise it all out.

It's a different routine that I need to get used to


I love how the Cleansing Conditioner is making my wash routine faster.

I do not however love the Styling Creme. I used it according to the instructions but I find don't have quite the definition in my twist-out that I get with my normal Miss Jessie's products. So I add Miss Jessie's back in.

I love, love, love the Mist. It makes my hair smell great and it's a quick moisture boost. But it's not enough moisture for my thirsty 4c hair. So I added a moisturizer for more softer hair and coconut oil to seal in the mist.

Also I added my pre-wash apple cider vinegar rise back into the routine. Wen definitely can't take care of my dandruff like the apple cider vinegar.


I've still got some Cleansing Moisturizer left. The pump has broken twice. I fixed it one time but then it broke again. I am heavy handed. But then again, I think the bottle could be sturdier.

I'm definitely out of the mist. I'm not sure, but I don't think it made it three months.

I'm no longer using the Styling Creme.

I miss using my old deep conditioner. But it's not like my hair really needs it.


In terms of my original goal to simplify my product-laden routine, Wen failed. Or at least this set failed to meet all my needs. Wen does have other products that maybe in a different combination could fit my needs. But I'm not sure if the price point would be cheaper or not.

I do know that it is a time saver.

Would I Buy the Set Again? This set? No. I love the mist but mostly because of the smell. but without an oil to seal it in, it just doesn't provide lasting moisture for my hair. I do not like the Styling Creme at all.

But I'm actually thinking about getting Cleansing Conditioner again ... once I finish it. That's right, it's still going.

Does Dean's Goals Check Out? The ingredients in the Cleansing Conditioner and the Mist check out as filled with oils that I like. Scents are good. The thickness claim is hard to gauge. I took a picture of my hair thickness in the first month.

As you can see, my hair was already thick root to tip.

What I can say is my hair thickness did not change. I know because when I went to the hairdresser last month to straighten my hair, (the first time for the year) she told me how amazed  she was at how thick it was -- even at the ends.

Did You Lose Any Hair? Aside from the usual shedding, no.

So would you give Wen a try based on my review? Let me know in the comments below.

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