Tuesday, November 1, 2016

My Natural Hair Journey: Length check

It's been a while since I posted something about my natural hair journey, but rest assured, I'm still #TeamNatural. In fact, I have a huge milestone to tell you about: It's been two years since I last relaxed my hair. (!!!) Go see the video of the hairstyles I've worn over the last two years on Instagram.  

I can honestly say that when I started, I didn't think I'd stay natural this long. 

All along my goal has been to grow out the hair I damaged when I tried to ombre my hair. I straighten my hair last month to get a trim and to see how long my hair had grown since the last time I straighten it.

So here is the length check:

Comparing these pictures from my healthy relaxer days (yes, I said healthy) I have to say this length is a little shorter if not the same as my relaxed length.

Overall I am very happy with how my hair has been growing and how great it looks and feels straight.  But I think I stay natural a little longer.

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