Monday, July 31, 2017

Three Verses to Help You Find Contentment

Are you happy with the way your life is going???

If I had to answer this question, I would say overall, I live a good life. #Blessed. But there are moments when I look around and I am unhappy with where I am in my career. Or I'm upset with the way my home looks. Or I think, ugh I hate my clothes, I hate my hair.

I think, if only I had done this or done that. If only I could be more like this person or that person. Next thing you know, I'm spiraling into a depressed state of mind.
I was in that kind of state when I found three Bible verses that helped lift me out of my funk. Here are the verses and my takeaways from them

  1. Reflect on and rejoice for all the good things I have because they are from God - Psalm 16:2 
  2. All I really need in this life is God. If He's the only thing I have, that's great because He will keep me secure. He will provide for my needs and my wants. He will give me good success. - Psalm 16:5
  3. Before I begin to envy anyone's life or try any scheme to get rich, be more beautiful, or grab hold of fame, really consider what they had to do or what they put up with each day to live they way they do. It's better to live a simple and right life in God's eyes, than to take a short cut that compromises my integrity.- Proverbs 16:8
If you struggle with feelings of unhappiness, regret or inadequacy, I encourage you to read these verses and think deeply on what they mean for your own life.

Then share your thoughts and favorite quotes and verses below. 

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